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Quality Management

The companies are aware that sustainable and successful businesses are closely linked to the commitment of all employees and the proper use of resources. Therefore, promoting the health and safety of our employees, the observance of social standards and the sustainable use of all resources, is of great importance for us. We also expect from our partners and suppliers to comply with our guidelines.

  • Our goal is that our customers realize the high quality, originality and competitiveness of our products and services.
  • We want to make us, as well as our customers, successful on a long-term basis.
  • We act according to our legal requirements. This applies in the manufacturing shop as well as in the start-up plant.
  • Our employees have the competences necessary for their activities and are motivated, committed and show a high awareness regarding health, environment and quality. The personnel are embedded in our communication process.
  • In development and procurement of products and services we adhere to the state of the art, the principles of R&M (Reliability & Maintainability) and we consider ecological and economic points of view.
  • As a self-learning organization we work on the constant optimization of our processes and products. Thereby we utilize lessons learnt for improvements and to avoid risks and to reduce errors.
  • Risks are identified, assessed, communicated and minimized.
  • We treat all information confidential and protect them from abuse.
  • Quality, work safety and environmental protection are lived actively not only in our enterprises, but also on the mounting sites by our employees.
  • We provide healthy and safe working conditions. That includes work-life-balance, the integration of the job and the family as well as the respectful treatment of individual differences between human beings.
  • With a minimum use of resources we try to reach the greatest possible effect. We avoid (if this is not possible, we reduce) harmful consequences to our environment.

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